About us

What is GCE Guide?

images-1GceGuide is a free, non-profit online resource which was created in December 2013, founded and managed by a team of professionals in the early and it started to grow with an extraordinarily inspiring speed. Now GceGuide is a leading website for all O/IGCSE/AS/A  Levels students and teachers worldwide.
We provide a wide range of services like providing students with the best resources to cater to their needs, and helping them with a big online library so that they can have access to the e-books on the go and 24/7.  Moreover, we provide the students with latest past papers right after the end of every examination series. Our professional student counselors  (who are available at different social medias like facebook & google+) provide the students with the tricks and tips to ace the examinations.
This website is programmed to help the learners who keep on wandering and surfing round the internet in search of authentic resources for free or are in a need of a good guideline to set their revision plans. GceGuide is totally free & we never ask the learners and their teachers for the money to give them the resources. We provide the best services for Cambridge International Examinations for free! ?

Our Reach:

GceGuide reaches to a huge audience – actually over 35, 000 unique visitors per month to be exact. Our visitors come from almost 197 countries. In addition, almost 9000+ people have liked our website and facebook page.

Our project is increasing fast internationally. ?